Monday, April 29, 2013

AP Practice Essay

In the novel 1984 by George Owell, Winsten Smith, lives in a society dominated by the totalitarian party and Big Brother. The immense degree of control taken by the government, along with his thoughtful nature, shape Winston into a paranoid and extremely pessimistic person. Winston’s pessimism reflects Orwell’s pessimistic  attitude towards totalitarianism.

Winston inhabits a society in which, even the thoughts of its members are maintained. If anyone is suspected of defiance against the party, even minutely, the government intervenes and eliminates the threat. This extreme degree of control by the government, coupled with the threat of torture or execution, leads Winston to drastically increase control over her, in order survive. This suppression of ideas is always conflicting with Winston’s thoughtfulness, as a result he must be even more careful. Orwell uses this conflict to express the idea that a government with too much influence over its constituents, will eliminate individually and intellectualism.

Winston’s strongest character trait is his pessimism, it is constant throughout the novel. Winston’s hopelessness in his surroundings plays a role in Orwell’s idea that totalitarianism leaves no chance for change from within. Orwell was bringing attention to his belief that totalitarianism regimes should be challenged by other nations, in an effort to persevere freedom.



  1. I think you have some really good ideas But maybe you could add some examples of literature techniques.. Overall I think it's a good start off an essay especially for one that was done in class!

  2. Again a very high level of diction! This is a really good start with how short of time we were given in class way to go!

  3. I think you demonstrated a great understanding of the story. Could add more insight into the authors ideas in why he wrote the character that way but good job!